Emergency Room

We believe that every second matters – that just a single moment could be the difference between life and death. For us, saving the lives of patients who are in a critical condition is our highest priority. The Emergency Room at CGS Hospital is open 24 hours a day, and we are ready to provide care to any patient in crisis, whether Thai or foreign nationals. Our team of emergency doctors, nurses, specialists, and trained medical staff use the latest medical technology and equipment, including ventilators, pacemakers and pulmonary function tests, while our intensive care unit is equipped with an advanced medical gas pipeline system. We offer continuous treatment, including mental and physical care and rehabilitation, so that patients can return to their daily lives and enjoy the same quality of life as before.


  • Team of emergency doctors providing 24-hour service
  • Professional emergency room nurses trained in life-saving care
  • Team of surgeons providing 24-hour service
  • Specialist neonatologists for both Thai and foreign nationals
  • Specialist helicopter emergency medical service team
    • Trained in industry-standard air medical service techniques
    • Offering 24-hour emergency care to both domestic and overseas patients
  • Fully equipped for internal medicine treatment, accident and emergency surgery

More information:

  • Location : CGH Main Building,1st floor
  • Service Hours : Open 24 Hours
  • Tel : +662 150 7111
  • Email : -


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